Terms & Conditions


1. Standard Charge rate is £68 per night. We can negotiate a tad depending upon length of your use and consider stuff like if short notice, off season, and if she’s “at rest, snoozing” in our garden! (We are working on not for profit but also not for loss!)

2. You have to join the Terrapin Club to give us that feeling of mutuality – which costs £10 and you get free baseball cap! – Depending upon how the year goes – there may well be some other surprise and delight Club benefits!

3. If you pick her up in Chandlers Ford (5 mins from Junction 12 on the M3) you are welcome to leave your car in our garden /drive (entirely at your own risk). We can usually pick you up from Winchester or Southampton Parkway train station. In some cases, we could deliver Martha, swapping over with your car, say at Chieveley Services at the A34 and M4 interchange– but you pay the fuel!

4. You’ll treat it as your own – and return it in the same condition you took her out, with a full tank and with an empty black water tank! You’ll pay a £ 500 deposit at least the first time you use her.

5.  Any damage you’ll own up to and we’ll have a straightforward Club member to member chat about how we repair any damage (none of this car hire stuff where you try and get away with it, thinking it’ll come out of the profits!)

6. Insurance – We would prefer you have your own cover but in the event this is expensive or difficult for you we’ll use best endeavors to get you on the fully Comprehensive Policy we have for her wellbeing (by swapping off one or two of our names to put you on) but it’s got to be transparent, you’ve got to be over 25 and there is a loading if you’ve had a claim , or any endorsements. All this has to be declared to Aviva and acceptable to them, and the cost of £30 for making the substitution needs to be paid by you. If you have a claim which impacts our no claims bonus we’d expect you to compensate the Club to the tune of  £200.  The Aviva policy includes breakdown and Continental cover. Martha has a big rear end – and does not have reversing blippers – SO think before reversing!

7. When you drive away with the vehicle you have fully accepted the vehicle as is, and seen. You have no recourse to the owners for any deficiency with the vehicle, other than a refund of part, or at the maximum, all of the charge rate.

8. If you cancel a booking the 20% deposit you made when you created the booking  ( by bank transfer or cheque) will be forfeited. Balance payment should be made two weeks before use, and the deposit will be paid when you pick up Martha !- If you return her late – you’ll pay depending upon how much damage you’ve done to the next booker’s Holiday!

9. She comes equipped with cutlery, plates, crockery, pots and pans. The butane gas is on Club members “honour” – you pay for what you’ve used- We reckon on the gas, if you use it at all – you pay £2 per day of use! Or if you are entertaining Martha for 10 days and you are doing a lot of cooking you may get through two of her bottles – which would cost £48. If you want to arrive with just minimal baggage and have a quick getaway we can provide bedding and  towels, etc – We can work out some folksy charge rate for this! We can get the fridge going earlier in the day, too.

10. No pets and no smoking.

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