3. Bookings are only confirmed when you have paid the deposit – and the Calendar will be updated.

1. Martha can be booked anytime for the next six months on a rolling basis up (i.e. in January up to the end of June). Go to Google Calendars below to see when she is already booked.


 Martha’s Google Calendar

4. We’ll want to see your driving License(s) and two forms of Identification (one of which has a photo) prior to handing over the keys.

5. Cheques (and wire transfers) should be made out to English Rose Travel Ltd (But this little company is friends with everyone – including being very pro Europe, and waves the full Union Jack and most importantly Terrapin Club Members!)

6. If you want to come and take her for a test drive, (subject to insurance) or play around with her to see if you can “develop a meaningful, and long term relationship” Contact James at Terrapin.

7. She is very good, but reminds us all of her need to exercise, and feel purposeful, she does not want her to become a bit of garden furniture: So please use her!

Top tip: We need to introduce you to Martha and show you exactly how to get the most out of her and this will take some time, particularly if you haven't used a motorhome before, so please plan this into your pick up time.

2. Normal deposit is 20% of total cost (£20 minimum), which is non-refundable if you cancel. However if you book and cancel within a few days, hey guys we are in the same Club!

 Meet Martha

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